Preserved Series

We offer preserved flower delivery. Our preserved series contains a large variety of flowers choices that are preserved naturally and we tried our best to retain their original shape, suppleness and brightness. They are perfect for aesthetic purposes as well because whenever you check the TSF preserved series, you may find several interesting decor options uniquely curated by our florist.

All you need to do is just have to choose your favourite options from our large preserved series where we already have placed several gorgeous decors and good looking props along with natural and long-lasting preserved flowers. You can find the lamps having the preserved flowers for your office table or a mini garden of preserved series for your backyard. You can also order the premium bag made of flowers that are well-preserved for your beloved one and several other interesting heart-shaped, unicorns made of preserved flowers.

If you want your beloved ones to think about you all the time, book a special gift from our preserved series. Our art directors and expert florists try their best to make comfortable and portable items made from our preserved series that your flowers can be placed everywhere without wilting. We try our best to protect techniques like aromatherapy to make the items in preserved series to be long-lasting. Check all the listed items in our preserved series and book your delivery.